Walt and Jesse Debate how they feel about the Series Finale

Satisfied with the Ending?

Well, that’s it.  After six years, five seasons and 62 episodes, Breaking Bad is over.

When Episode 516 – “Felina” ended at 10:15 pm on 29 Sept, 2013, the show was over for good.  No more cliffhangers, no more predictions.  There may be some ongoing debate and discussion, but we’ve gotten all the Breaking Bad we’re going to get.

Is it what you expected?  Did Vince Gilligan create a satisfying ending, or are you disappointed with it?

Baddicts are some of the most passionate fans out there, particularly those that have been invested in the series since the beginning.  Time to vote on how you feel about how it all ended.  Click on “Open The Poll” to vote for how you feel about the series finale, and use the “Leave a Reply” section to share your comments with others.

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