Decisions, Decisions

Who Will Die in the Breaking Bad Season Finale?

Here it comes!  Just six days left for you to speculate, theorize, and make predictions about what will happen in the final episode of Breaking Bad.  We all know someone is going to die, maybe lots of someones!

Time to make your predictions!  The poll below is multiple choice, so make sure you select all of the people you think are going to “kick the barrel” in the finale, before you click on the “Vote” button.

If you want to vote for a name not included in the poll, type it into the “Other” category.  These “Other” names will not show up in the results, but I can see them, and once every day or so, I will update this article and post the names that were submitted as “others” below the main poll.  If you click on “Other” without typing anything in, it will just submit a vote for “Other” in general.

You can only vote once in this poll, so don’t forget to select all of your choices before you click the “Vote” button.  The poll will remain open until five minutes before Episode 516 – “Felina” premieres at 9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, 29 September 2013.

Make all your selections before clicking on “Vote”!

Update 29 Sept, 2013 :   Poll closed.  Three people have voted for “Other”.  1 Vote for Elliott / Gretchen (made before I added them to the poll), and 2 votes for “Other members of Jack’s gang”.