Tucker's Hole Views Over Two Years

Tucker’s Hole Views Over Two Years

A huge THANK YOU to all the followers and fans of  Tucker’s Hole and to fellow Baddicts everywhere!

Yesterday was the second anniversary since Tucker’s Hole went “live” on the internet on 20 September, 2011.  Sometime early this morning (in the Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone, while I was still sleeping), the site received its 100,000’th view!

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for all the support.  To everyone who has visited the site and read my work, those that have reviewed articles before I published them, those that have provided advice, ideas, feedback and corrections, those that have commented on the articles and provided their own insight and interesting discussion, and, of course to those that have shared and spread the word about Tucker’s Hole, you all have my gratitude!

It takes a lot of time to write the articles and maintain this site.  The average “episode” article takes between six and eight hours to write, and that doesn’t include watching the episode a few times, taking notes and other research.  I receive no remuneration for it.  If you see advertisements at the bottom of the articles, they are placed by WordPress so that they can continue to provide a free blogging service for people like me.

The pleasure in it for me is getting to share my ideas and theories, and having some people read them!  It’s nice to know that I’m not writing in a vacuum!  So thank you once more!

For those who are curious, I thought I’d include some interesting facts and statistics for you.  I never really set a goal for this site, I just started it because I was a fan of the show and liked sharing my thoughts about it.  I began with just four episodes left in Season 4, and the site did not reach 10,000 views in 2011.    Last year when Season 5 began, the readership increased, and I thought that perhaps I could reach 50,000 views by the end of those eight episodes, but I just made it to a little over 40,000.  People kept visiting every day over the past winter, and just before Season 5b began six weeks ago, Tucker’s Hole reached 70,000 views.  I kind of said to my self, “Well, if I hit 100,000 all time when this is over, I’ll be pretty happy.”   Readership has exploded as the final eight episodes have been airing (along with the huge increase in viewers that the show has experienced), and with two episodes left to air, my “goal” has been met!  Thanks again everyone!

Search Engine Terms for 21 September, 2013

Search Engine Terms for 21 September, 2013

Here are some interesting pictures for you.  You might want to click on them to enlarge them if you find them too small to read.  At the top of this article you can see a bar chart with the views per month since the site started in September of 2011.  Starting in December 2012, they reflect both the number of views, and the number of unique visitors (based on daily visits).  It’s nice to know that people are sticking around the site to read more than just one article!

Here are the search terms people have used to find Tucker’s Hole today, which is pretty typical of the search terms people use every day to find this site.   I noticed last summer that I was getting a lot of views from people trying to find out why Jesse, Tucker, and meth heads in general dig holes.  I figured that since I named this site after that digging scene in Episode 406 – “Cornered”, that I’d better try to explain it, to satisfy all the people trying to figure it out.

The result was the article entitled “Why Was Tucker Digging A Hole?  What Was Jesse Digging A Hole For?  Meth Head Digging a Hole”.  This has become the top viewed article on the site, and is responsible for over 40 % of the views to this site in total!  Wow.  Even in the dead of winter between show seasons, this article would attract about 100 views a day.  I’m still surprised that so many people are confused by a scene which seemed so obvious to me, but I’m not complaining.   Incidentally, when AMC re-aired that episode on 9 August, 2013 I got a huge spike in readers, and that day ranks as number three for the days with the most views to the site.  If you’re curious, the top day for site views was on 23 August 2013 when I published the article on Episode 510 – “Buried”, and the second busiest day was  5 March, 2012 when I published “Open Questions and Issues for Season 5 to Tackle”.

The Top Ten Articles of All Time

The Top Ten Articles of All Time

The next picture here shows the top 10 articles on the site that have been viewed as of today.  It is interesting that the only article published since Season 5b started  to make it into the top 10 is the “Breaking Bad Podcast Guide”.  It is helpful to keep in mind though, that articles that have been on the site for much longer than just the past six weeks are likely to have more views, so these statistics are skewed to favour articles that have been on the site for longer.

The final thing I’d like to share is the geographical statistics.  Wordpress started providing data on what countries the site visitors are from on 25 February, 2012, so the information I have only covers from that date on.  Since then, people from 153 different countries have visited Tucker’s Hole!  There are Baddicts all over the planet!  One of the best parts of the WordPress statistics page is looking at the Map of the World, and the Flag collection grow.  I have included both for you:  Here’s where people have viewed Tucker’s Hole from up to earlier this evening (still no North Korea – haha!)

World Map

World Map of Tucker's Hole Visitors

World Map of Tucker’s Hole Visitors

Here is the Flag Collection for Tucker’s Hole

Countires With Total Views Since 25 Feb 2012

 Countries 1  Countries 4
 Countries 2  Countries 5
 Countries 3  Countries 6
 Countries 7

I hope you found some of the statistics about the site fun and interesting.

Thank you one more time for all the great support for Tucker’s Hole!