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Breaking Bad Season 5

Hello all Baddicts out there! The premiere of the first episode of Season 5 (or Season 5 A as many are calling it) is only a week away!  I know you are already probably brimming over with excitement!  Here are some things to keep the anticipation building, keep you occupied while you wait, and to get you all ready for the premiere.  In case you are not aware (which I doubt) Episode 501 – “Live Free or Die” will debut on Jul 15, 2012 at 10 pm EDT on AMC. Set your alarm clocks now!

Vince Gilligan and the producers of Breaking Bad have been extremely secretive in preparing this season, stepping up security on the set, and sharing very little in terms of previews and sneak peeks. Aaron Paul discusses this in his interview on the Nerdist Podcast.  I personally try to avoid all sneak peeks as I prefer to watch each episode as “fresh” as possible – then I will gobble up all the extras after I’ve seen it.  I’ll leave it up to you as to whether you check out some of the links I include in this article, and I will try to indicate what level of “spoilers” to expect if you choose to view them.

One way to get set for Season 5, particularly if you are like me and love to theorize and try to predict what might happen, is have a look at my article from March 2012, entitled “Open Questions and Issues for Season 5 to Tackle”.  I have gone through the first 4 seasons and tried to identify all the loose ends that could be addressed in the upcoming season.

Despite all the secrecy, AMC TV has given us some goodies in advance of the season.  You can get the Season 5 Cast Photos and three Season 5  trailers which have been broadcast on AMC over  the past month “Dangerous”“Anti Hero” and “Time Bomb”.  There are also some downloadable tidbits for Season 5 including Facebook wallpaper, Desktop wallpaper, and IM Icons.

A Look Ahead at Season 5 : Inside Breaking Bad will get you excited for the season to come, with some hints at the broad themes of the season, with a minimum of spoilers.

A little bit more spoilery (if I can use that word) are the Episode 501 Photos and a video Sneak Peek at Episode 501.  I personally have not watched the video. but I understand it is a scene of the White family reuniting with Walt after hiding out at Hank and Marie’s house at the end of last season.

There is a fake Breaking Bad Episode 501 script floating around the internet, so have a look if you want, there should be no spoilers there as it has been confirmed to be a fake.  Thanks to Emilia Jordan (another huge Baddict) for making me aware of this.

For all of you that are truly spoiler averse I strongly caution you to be very careful what you look up about Breaking Bad on the internet on 14 and 15 July, before the premiere of Episode 501 on AMC.   Rumours persist that the guests at Comic Con in San Diego will be treated to sneak peeks of Season 5, and potentially a screening of Episode 501 – “Live Free or Die” on the 14’th of July.  I cannot verify this, but I thought I would warn those who may be interested.

As far as the media goes, there was an interesting short article recently in the New York Post in which Vince Gilligan discusses the broad themes for Season 5, and also his feelings on splitting Season 5 between 2012 and 2013.   I sincerely hope he delivers on his promise, and am going into this season anticipating that each episode will be a scorcher!

Another rather insightful article in Newsday is a good read.   Only a little spoiler at the start.  It laments the rather small audience for Breaking Bad.   Judging from the interest at the AMC forums lately I think people are going to be surprised by the audience the show attracts this year.  I know most of the audience is gained by word of mouth (I’ve created at least 6 Baddicts on my own), but I think this season will be a record breaker.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the new Cîroc vodka commercial with P. Diddly Daddy Puffy Doo is out.   Aaron Paul is in it, and it is a “Rat Pack” throwback commercial.   Quite good.   I wonder if there is an Ocean’s Eleven type movie (new or old version) in our future with these guys?


Walt and Jesse in Mad Magazine

Walt and Jesse in Mad Magazine

Mad magazine has taken aim at Breaking Bad, with a parody entitled “Fading Bad”.  It appears in issue Mad # 516 August 2012 which is currently available on newsstands.  I haven’t purchased a Mad magazine since I was probably in Grade 8, and perhaps my sense of humour has matured a little since those days, but it was worth a chuckle or two.  Check it out if your funny bone is tickled by such things, or even if you are nostalgic for Mad Magazine from your youth.   The magazine has definitely changed since my younger days, but buying one sure did stir up some memories!   The satire covers the first four seasons of the show, so it only hits the highlights, but all of the major characters are there, and even Wendy makes a surprise appearance.

I have scoured the TV listings for morning shows, daytime shows and late night talk shows for cast interviews coming up this week, and  unfortunately have only been able to find three interviews scheduled during the daytime:

Actor Show Date & Time (EDT) Channel / Network
Aaron Paul The View 11 am – 9 July CTV (Can),  ABC (US)
Bryan Cranston The Today Show 7 am (to 9 am) – 10 July NBC (US)
Bryan Cranston The Late Show with David Letterman 11:35 pm  11 July OMNI1 (Can), CBS (US)
Bryan Cranston The View 11 am – 12 July CTV (Can), ABC (US)

Another thing to keep your eye out for is the Emmy nominations which will be announced on July 19’th.   Breaking Bad will be eligible for Season 4, and I personally am keeping my fingers crossed to see nominations for Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Giancarlo Esposito.   I’ll of course share the news here once I get it!If you are interested in more cast interviews I would suggest keeping your eyes peeled for late breaking changes to schedules on some of the late night talk shows, or for shows that may have not shared their listings yet.  Also if you are into the entertainment news magazine shows, you might want to keep an eye on them.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, I know that A.Ron and Jim over at Bald Move will be releasing a Season 5 preview episode of their ‘cast  “Breaking Good” this week.    They are good about saving any spoilers they have for the end of the podcast, and separate them from the main ‘cast with a musical break, so you can choose not to listen to that part if you don’t want to.

I would also try checking out some of the other podcasts listed here at Tucker’s Hole for preview episodes coming out this week, although I haven’t heard from them yet.

New Predictions

I must admit that I am not very confident about making bold predictions for Season 5.   It would be easy for me to make obvious predictions like “Madrigal Electromotive will be investigated for their potential involvement with Gus’ drug operation”, but I don’t think that’s fair.

The only rather risky prediction I will make is this:

Mike will reluctantly end up partnering with Walt and Jesse this season.

Prediction Results

My score so far since starting this site is 2 1/2 predictions correct, 1/2 prediction wrong, and 1 still pending, not counting my new prediction above.

My pending prediction is:

Walt calling Junior “Jesse” will come back up, most likely when Junior mentions it to Hank.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for premiere week, please feel free to add any other items you think people should be aware of in the comments section.   Thanks for all the support for Tucker’s Hole and don’t forget to tell your friends about this site.  I’ll be back next week with my article on Episode 501 – “Live Free or Die”  and will carry on all season long with each episode, as well as in depth topics!  Feel free to contact me (there’s a link on your right) if you have any suggestions or there is something you would like to see!

All Hail The King!