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Walt and Jesse Debate how they feel about the Series Finale

Satisfied with the Ending?

Well, that’s it.  After six years, five seasons and 62 episodes, Breaking Bad is over.

When Episode 516 – “Felina” ended at 10:15 pm on 29 Sept, 2013, the show was over for good.  No more cliffhangers, no more predictions.  There may be some ongoing debate and discussion, but we’ve gotten all the Breaking Bad we’re going to get.

Is it what you expected?  Did Vince Gilligan create a satisfying ending, or are you disappointed with it?

Baddicts are some of the most passionate fans out there, particularly those that have been invested in the series since the beginning.  Time to vote on how you feel about how it all ended.  Click on “Open The Poll” to vote for how you feel about the series finale, and use the “Leave a Reply” section to share your comments with others.

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Walt in the Granite State - or in a Dizzy State from Propane Fumes

Granite State

Bad Ass Quote of the Week

Settle down.  Settle down.  Hey remember!  There’s still the kid.” – Uncle Jack Welker

Thoughts on “Granite State”

Sure, this episode could be entitled “Granite State” because Walt goes to New Hampshire, but I think it’s because pretty much every character has hit rock bottom.  Except for Todd, whose sense of empathy is just stone like.

The first words that came out of my mouth when I was watching this episode were, “Oh Yeah!” when I saw that Robert Forster was cast as Ed the Dissapearrerer.  Season 4 may have been the nod to “Scarface” with Steven Bauer (Don Eladio) and Mark Margolis (Tio Hector Salamanca), but Season 5 is for “Jackie Brown” with Michael Bowen (Uncle Jack) and Robert Forster.  I loved Forster’s character Max Cherry in “Jackie Brown” and so does Vince Gilligan, as he mentioned in this week’s “Breaking Bad Insider Podcast”.  The characters of Ed and Max Cherry seem quite similar, and it makes sense that Ed was based on Max, and the role was written for Forster to play.  What a great treat!

Ed’s calm practiced manner shows his experience and professionalism in what he does, and it is a good counterpoint to Saul’s disheveled appearance (who didn’t laugh at that “hair flip”?) and uncertain demeanour.  Saul’s character has always had two main facets.  His desire to maximize his own profit, and saving his own skin from danger.  Saul also knows his business, and when he’s applying that knowledge he’s very sure of himself.  However, when his skin is in danger, he does get a frazzled, worried countenance.  He does not like dealing with situations where he does not have all the answers and has to deal with uncertainty.

Saul is making the right call though – getting the heck out-of-town fast! …Read on

Decisions, Decisions

Who Will Die in the Breaking Bad Season Finale?

Here it comes!  Just six days left for you to speculate, theorize, and make predictions about what will happen in the final episode of Breaking Bad.  We all know someone is going to die, maybe lots of someones!

Time to make your predictions!  The poll below is multiple choice, so make sure you select all of the people you think are going to “kick the barrel” in the finale, before you click on the “Vote” button.

If you want to vote for a name not included in the poll, type it into the “Other” category.  These “Other” names will not show up in the results, but I can see them, and once every day or so, I will update this article and post the names that were submitted as “others” below the main poll.  If you click on “Other” without typing anything in, it will just submit a vote for “Other” in general.

You can only vote once in this poll, so don’t forget to select all of your choices before you click the “Vote” button.  The poll will remain open until five minutes before Episode 516 – “Felina” premieres at 9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, 29 September 2013.

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Tucker's Hole Views Over Two Years

Tucker’s Hole Views Over Two Years

A huge THANK YOU to all the followers and fans of  Tucker’s Hole and to fellow Baddicts everywhere!

Yesterday was the second anniversary since Tucker’s Hole went “live” on the internet on 20 September, 2011.  Sometime early this morning (in the Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone, while I was still sleeping), the site received its 100,000’th view!

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for all the support.  To everyone who has visited the site and read my work, those that have reviewed articles before I published them, those that have provided advice, ideas, feedback and corrections, those that have commented on the articles and provided their own insight and interesting discussion, and, of course to those that have shared and spread the word about Tucker’s Hole, you all have my gratitude! …Read on for some fun stats, Maps and Flags!

Walt meets some fragment


Bad Ass Quote of the Week

My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself.” – Hank Schrader

Thoughts on “Ozymandias”

The opening shot of this episode is of water coming to a boil, which is symbolic of where Breaking Bad is as a series with this episode.  It is driven home by Walt’s opening lines to Jesse explaining that they are waiting for an exothermic reaction, a reaction which gives off heat, to take place.  Every molecule in the mix is entering a higher energy state, the characters and the viewers!

It’s wonderful to see this flashback of Walt and Jesse cooking in the good ol’ Methabago, and to see their characters and interactions just as they were at the beginning of their criminal days.  It is not until they exit the RV and we see where they are that we realise this is their first cook together (Episode 101 – “Pilot”) taking place in the exact same spot we ended Episode 513 – “To’hajiilee” with the gunfight.  This is an entirely new scene, and would have occurred in the middle of their first cook in the “Pilot” episode.  For the record, so far in “Season 5b” the episodes are running at 66% on tightie whities.

Walt rehearses his excuse before calling Skyler to tell her he is going to be late arriving home.  This is going to be Walt’s “first lie” to Skyler, at least the first one he tells her about his meth business.  While this is a flashback, it emphasizes the fact that he has never been a good liar when it comes to Skyler and his family, and this is the first time we’ve seen him literally rehearse one on his own.  We’ve seen how he bumbles lies when he doesn’t put much thought into them (I’m thinking of the gasoline story in Episode 512 – “Rabid Dog”), and how Skyler has even coached him when he has had to tell an elaborate lie like in Episode 404 – “Bullet Points”.  This, along with him ticking his fingers just prior to filming it, makes me certain that Skyler helped him script and rehearse his fake confession video for Hank and Marie (Episode 511 – “Confessions”).  Walt doesn’t lie well, but Heisenberg does. …Read on

Walt Enjoys Scenic To'hajiilee


Bad Ass Quote of the Week

Walter White you have a right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  You have the right to speak to an attorney, and have an attorney present during any questioning.  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at the government’s expense.  Do you understand these rights as I’ve just recited them to you?” – Hank Schrader

Thoughts on “To’hajiilee”

At the end of my article on Episode 512 – “Rabid Dog” I referred to that episode as a “stutter-step” in the sprint of the final eight episodes.  Now I know why we had a stutter-step episode – to get ready to take a high jump!

Todd’s meth looks awful, like something that oozes out of an infection.  No matter how hard I squinted or adjusted the ambient lighting, I didn’t see a hint of blue, green or aquamarine, despite the opinions of the “free to breathe what they want” Uncle Jack and Kenny.    By using a pipette and a kaleidoscope (guess they didn’t have a mass spectrometer handy) they determine it is 76% pure, despite its appearance.  At that point I kind of thought Uncle Jack might just dip the tip of his little finger in the meth mixture, dab it on his tongue and say, “Mmm… yep!  76%!’, like Yukon Cornelius prospecting for gold.  Lydia isn’t pleased, although she remains diplomatic…  blue is their brand.  About the only thing that did look good in that lab was Lydia, who is attractive even in a respirator.

Jack and Kenny don’t seem to think the colour is a concern, but will use food dye if it is an issue for Lydia.  Uncle Jack uses almost the same words he did in the opening of Episode 511 – “Confessions”, “All right, let’s make some money.”  The potential amount of money he can earn from this is more than he ever thought he would have access to, and that’s become his purpose.   …Read on

Chess Match

To’hajiilee in Five Seconds

Here is my synopsis of Episode 513 – “To’hajiilee” that you can read in five seconds:

It’s a chess match:  Hank & Jesse Vs. Walt / Heisenberg.  Moves and counter-moves are made.  Hank & Jesse play the final piece: Money Barrel to Cell Phone – Checkmate!  Uncle Jack comes in and kicks the board over.

The regular full article with thoughts and analysis on this episode will be published here at Tucker’s Hole later this week. :)

Jesse about to go "Rabid Dog" on Walt

Rabid Dog

Bad Ass Quote of the Week

Walt.  You… need… to deal with this.” – Skyler White

Thoughts on “Rabid Dog”

I think that Jesse, Skyler and Hank could all be considered the titular rabid dogs in this episode.  Skyler gets mad when it’s time to defend her family.  Hank is going to get Heisenberg, no matter what.  Jesse has decided to go to war.  Rabid indeed.

In Episode 413 – “Face Off” Walt arrives home suspecting Gus has hit men waiting for him there – so he sends in his neighbour “Becky” to check if Junior accidentally left a burner on the stove – “God forbid… fire”.  Now there’s a real risk of fire, and with Saul’s car askew in his driveway and yard, I guess he can’t send in “Becky” as an advance guard this time.

Walt uses the same method of sneaking into the house as he did then, over his back yard wall, but he’s gotten better with practice and didn’t get caught up in the vines this time.  It’s interesting how on that last occasion he was frantic and panicked due to the risk to his life from the hit men, but this time he is quite composed in his movements – almost searching the house like a professional, as if he doesn’t believe that Jesse can be a threat to him, or that he can handle Jesse much easier than he could two professional hit men.  I noticed that he didn’t check the “crawl space”, the same error made by Gus’ goons – although he wouldn’t expect Jesse to know about that, much less to use it.— …Read on

Los Pollos  - Oh My brother! Last time I saw him!  Evil Gustavo!

A Word from Wendell

Wendell the Chicken, friend of Mike (may he rest in peace) Ehrmantraut, and huge fan of “The Breakngs Bad”  came back to the AMC Breaking Bad Forums last night after a long absence (apparently due to too many fiestas).  He was concerned that people didn’t understand Jesse’s revelation when he looked at his cigarette packet in Episode 511 – “Confessions” last week.  As an astute observer of “The Breakings Bad”, he has offered his full explanation for publication here at Tucker’s Hole, so that people can understand what they saw.

Without editing, here is what Wendell sent me to publish, which he also sent to the AMC TV Discussion forums, in order to clear things up for everyone…

…Read on

Tio Hector Takes The Poll

Tio Hector Takes The Poll

Here are a couple of more polls – just for fun.

The first one is “Who Will Die Before The Final Episode?”  – by the end of Episode 515.  This poll is being published one day before Episode 512 – “Rabid Dog” airs, so I will be freezing the poll just before the episode is on at 9 P.M.  EDT, and then update it afterwards (by removing anyone who does die) and turn it on again (After 10 P.M. PDT) for the coming episodes, until Episode 515.

The second poll will be for “Who Will Die In The Next Episode” so right now the poll specifically for Episode 514 – “Ozymandias” is open.  This poll will be closed just prior to the episode being aired, and the results will be shown farther down in this article.  It will then be replaced with a new poll for the next episode, each week until Episode 515.

Along with the results, I’ll also let you know who people “write in” if they choose to add and vote for a name that is not on the list of choices.

These are multiple choice polls, so select all the people you think will be killed before clicking on the “Vote” button.  You will only be able to vote once a week.

Ready to make your prediction? …Click Here to vote in the polls and view the results

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